Choosing the right products to help you care for your dog

Choosing the right products to help you care for your dog


Guest Post Courtesy: Maria Godfrey with Epiphany Solutions Ltd on behalf of Pets at Home

Owning a pet is a very rewarding experience, but many first-time dog owners underestimate the
care and attention that is needed to keep a happy and healthy pooch.
From food and treats to grooming and healthcare, there are a number of things to consider once you’ve committed to the idea of dog ownership.

Thankfully, there are many useful products out there from specialist retailers that can make your life
as a pet owner easier. For instance, there are a number of helpful books and DVDs that will help you
understand your dog better, including offerings from celebrity dog behavior experts such as the ‘Dog
Whisperer’ Cesar Millan and Victoria Stilwell. Setting the right behavioral boundaries for your pet as
early as possible will present many awkward problems from developing later on.

When it comes to accessories, the right bed, kennel and toys from retailers such as Pets at Home,
are useful for helping your dog to settle down and relax, and is especially important when it is new
to the family or after moving home. Toys are also a useful way to keep your dog active and healthy.
Of course, the animal’s diet is essential for maintaining a healthy dog, so part of responsible
ownership is about understanding how to give your dog the nutrition it requires. Treats and rewards
can improve the bond between owner and dog but, just as with humans, it is important not to
overdo it.

While pet insurance is vital for ensuring that, should your pet be hit with a serious illness or injury,
you are not crippled by vet bills, there are preventative measures you can take to keep your dog
as healthy as possible. From dental care to flea control, many simple products can help prevent
irritating problems from become major health concerns. The right grooming products can also help;
not only do they keep your dog clean and happy, but if grooming is done properly it can strengthen
the bond between owner and pet.

Owning a pet is a lot like caring for a child – most first-timers are uncertain of what they’re doing, but
with a bit of research and the right help, the rewards can be plentiful and long-lasting.


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