Cincinnati’s Angel’s Paws is Tellin’ Ellen

Cincinnati’s Angel’s Paws is Tellin’ Ellen

About a week ago we highlighted a one of a kind service for pet parents called Angel’s Paws: a program that offers complete end of life care for your pet and family, located in Cincinnati, Ohio and serves the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Started by Tammy Wynn as a way to make the the hardest part about pet parentship manageable is the best kept secret in the city, and anyone who has had the Angel’s Paws experience or interacted with Tammy and her team definitely don’t want it to stay that way.

So what are they Tellin’ Ellen?

Tammy and her team of caregiver’s are asking pet parents who have had the Angel’s Paws experience or anyone who wants to support the mission of Angel’s Paws with the caring work they do providing complete end of life care for pets to tell Ellen DeGeneres about this service. Ellen is not only a comedian and talk show host but an animal lover who supports many causes such as The Animal Rights Project, The Gentle Barn and was named PETA’s Woman of the Year in 2009. Tellin’ Ellen about Angel’s Paws will give pet parents a chance to discover this service, and help them expand their reach to pet parents outside the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

Blog Four Paws fully supports the mission of Angel’s Paws, and any pet parent who has dealt with the loss of a pet knows how difficult the experience can be. Imagine during that time if you could have a caregiver for your pet that was able to take the journey with you, from pain to peace.

To learn more about the Angel’s Paws experience, services, or more about the Tellin’ Ellen campaign please visit

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