Help get Justice for Chance, the Cincinnati Dog

Help get Justice for Chance, the Cincinnati Dog

As many know, and have read here on Blog Four Paws- on Friday, July 6 the city of Cincinnati Police of district 4 allowed a stray pit bull mix to die while he was tied to a pole outside police headquarters after a Good Samaritan found the dog running loose on the streets and turned him over to law enforcement.

Officer’s stated bringing the dog inside police headquarters ‘could pose a threat to citizens.’

The dog, who’s known as Chance, was left tied outside police headquarters for an hour and a half during one of the hottest days Cincinnati has seen in quite some time. The official reported temperature was 104 degrees which felt like anywhere from 105-110 degrees according to The Weather Channel. According to officers, the dog was given a small bowl of water and checked on every 20 minutes from the time he was brought to the station at 5:30- but somewhere between their reported 6:40pm check and 7pm- the dog had died.

On Monday afternoon, it was reported that the Hamilton County Prosecutor will not press criminal charges in the incident involving Chance because there was ‘no criminal intent’ involved in this case. Cincinnati Police have launched an internal investigation that is not complete at this time.

However, per the Ohio Revised Code, Title IX Agriculture- Animals-Fences- Chapter 959.131- Offenses relating to domestic animals what Cincinnati police did was indeed defined as cruelty to a companion animal.

Since Friday, Chance’s story has reached thousands of people and broken their hearts when they learn how his situation was handled. We, as members of the pet community, are urging anyone who can to please write or email:

Cincinnati District 4 police Captain Eliot Isaac
Cincinnati Chief of Police James E. Craig
Cincinnati City Council Members:

Wendell Young
Charlie Winburn
Christopher Smitherman
P.G. Sittenfeld
Yvette Simpson
Chris Seelbach
Laure Quinlivan
President Pro Tem,  Cecil Thomas
Vice Mayor, Roxanne Qualls

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory
Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown
and Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot

Tell these officials you, and the thousands of people who have read Chance’s story, want to see Cincinnati Police held responsible for their actions against Chance, the Cincinnati dog.  Please feel free to use any and all information on Blog Four Paws in your letters/emails.

We are writing and encouraging others to write so those who were involved will be held responsible and to show the public that animal cruelty a NOT ok. Every case that is ignored and swept under the rug makes it harder and harder to prosecute future cases. The more attention this and stories like it gain- we are forcing our elected officials to take action and hold those who broke the law responsible for what they did.
It deeply saddens everyone who hears about poor Chance and how he suffered due to poor decisions, and we want to show the world that if you are cruel to animals you will have to pay the price.

Thank you for helping find Justice for Chance.

Find Justice for Chance, the Cincinnati Dog on Facebook, and please share his story.

Image courtesy: Justice for Chance, the Cincinnati Dog  

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