How doggie day care can help save your home.

How doggie day care can help save your home.

Dogs are very social animals and need company to have a healthy social attitude. As pet parents, we could not imagine our lives without our dogs, but our lifestyles are not always what is best for them. Many pet parents have obligations to work, family activities and other life events, and that can cause our dogs into situations they may not find ideal. Many times dogs can be left at home four 9+ hours every day while everyone in the home is at work or school, which can leave the dog isolated with lack of socialization, exercise, and stimulation.
This can cause your beloved pet to act out in ways that could be destructive to your home, even when kept in their crate.

Dogs will look to entertain and stimulate themselves in the absence of company, and many times these acts can be destructive. I have seen many dogs who will tear at the flooring, scratch and chew on walls, baseboards, furniture, and clothing. None of which a pet parent wants to come home and see.

What if you have more than one pet in your home, shouldn’t that stop the issues?
Not necessarily. I myself have two dogs at home Padfoot and Nymphadora Tonks and while we provide many different toys and things to do while we’re gone, when they have been home for just a little too long you can usually tell.

While my dogs are not usually left alone for more than a few hours, there have been times it’s happened. Many times in the colder months, even when we are home they can become overly-active due to weather conditions and not being able to do as much outdoor activity.

So what is a pet parent to do? Many independent pet lovers and national pet specialty chains have risen to the call by offering day care for pets. Even the online service has a pet sitting and pet walking section where local pet lovers can offer services to pet owners for daily playtime.

So why should a pet parent invest in doggie day care?

Not only does it help you by saving the contents of your home but it will also help your dog socialize.
and lets face it.. who doesn’t love a nice tired, cuddly dog after you come home from a long day of school or work?



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