‘I ♥ Rescue Dogs’ Blog Tour: Favorite Animal Organization

‘I ♥ Rescue Dogs’ Blog Tour: Favorite Animal Organization

When it comes to animal organizations and rescues, they all hold a place in my heart. Being involved with animal rescue for most of my life, it is very hard to pick a favorite mainly because anyone who is helping homeless animals is on the same ‘team’ so to speak.

One of my many favorite National Rescue organizations is The Pedigree Foundation, founded by the Pedigree Brand (parent company, MARS) in 2007 to further the mission of the Pedigree Adoption Drive, which started in 2005. The Pedigree Adoption Drive is an annual event active in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland that helps raise awareness and funds for homeless dogs in need. The Pedigree Foundation was founded to help further that cause and help animal rescues and shelters.

While the efforts of other national organizations are tremendous and nothing that I would ever look down upon; I chose the Pedigree Foundation because of their efforts supporting local shelters across the country. Their efforts show in their 2012 Annual report that of the 1.3 Million dollars raised and given to animal shelters and rescues, 43% of organizations used the funds for spay and neutering, a key role in helping reduce the pet population and animals who end up in animal shelters.

Because Pedigree is a nationally recognized name and brand, they also have a lot of influence with the general public. They have partnered with stars such as country music star Carrie Underwood and actress and long-time animal activist Betty White for advertisements to help spread awareness to animal overpopulation and the need for people to consider animal adoption.


In 2011, the Pedigree Foundation provided over 1,000 grants to animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country (the full list can be seen on PedigreeFoundation.org)

Photo Courtesy: ian.m.phillips

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  • http://twitter.com/LoraBaugh Pawsibilities

    My favorite all time rescue is Furry Kids Refuge in the KC are of KS and Mo.  They are an amazing group. I also am a huge fan of Second Hand Hounds out of Minnesota and Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue out of Colorado. For Rescue Transport of course my favorite is the award winning Care Transport out of Colorado. (Oh, maybe I should’ve said Pawsibilities ; )

  • http://twitter.com/BlogFourPaws Lauren McGregor

    Lol :-) like I said in the post, it’s hard for me to “pick a favorite” because anyone in animal rescue is fighting for the same cause. But Blog Four Paws definitely <3's Pawsibilities :-)  

  • Landra Graf

    Lauren I so glad you mentioned this group! It’s definitely a thought on my mind with the split from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Still can’t believe that whole thing, especially when this group works so hard to support all dogs regardless of breed status.

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