I ♥ Rescue Dogs: Favorite Pet Story

I ♥ Rescue Dogs: Favorite Pet Story

I have come into contact with some amazing people and animals between working with animal rescues and dog grooming and I have even been a part of some good ones myself. The one that has always stood out happened in early 1998 when I was volunteering at the animal shelter where my mother worked.

The story of the dog formerly known as Cinder.

There was a small black and white puppy who was turned into the humane society at approximately 6 weeks of age, and after spending a few weeks in the shelter she was adopted. Unfortunately, the situation and the family who adopted her ended up not working out and the little dog, now named Cinder (for her black and white speckles), ended up returning to the animal shelter for another chance at a forever home.
She was a very shy girl, who had a tendency to prefer women to men and was unlike most shelter dogs who run up to their cages as if to say “pick me! pick me!” and it takes a special person to bond with dogs like Cinder. While not everyone could bond with a dog like her, one of the animal rescue staff members thought she knew of a place that would be good for her. The young, shy Cinder was then off to another try for a forever home.
The home was that of two very elderly women, one who was confined to her bed and the other who had numerous health problems. After only a few days of being with them, when one of the women went to let her out she had realized a second too late that the leash was not attached and out the door Cinder went.

My mother called the women two days later to check up on the dog, because she had been working on socializing with her. That was the first time anyone at the shelter had heard the news of Cinder running off, very near a busy 14 mile stretch of road in Lexington, Kentucky called Paris Pike. So the search was on, between volunteers and the staff members of the humane society scouting and searching the area 3 to 4 times a day looking for lost Cinder.

Almost a month of searching went by before she was found by a staff member who was able to bring her back to a van and bring her back to the animal shelter. After she was brought back, my mother ended up bringing her home to our house and changing her name from Cinder… to Paris and she is still a loving member of our family to this day. :)


Photo Credit: Lori McGregor

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