Leaving your dog unattended in a car will result in your windows being smashed in

Leaving your dog unattended in a car will result in your windows being smashed in

Temperatures across the country are hot, and continue to stay that way. Many reports have already surfaced this year about dogs and children dying after being left in cars on hot summer days.

According to the National Weather Service the inside of a car can reach 99 degrees fahrenheit in just 10 minutes with an outside temperature of only 80 degrees fahrenheit.

Could you imagine sitting inside a car with no access to water or air flow in 100+ degree temperatures? PETA‘s new advertisement featuring Italian supermodel Elisabetta Canalis shows people what it’s like for a dog trapped in a hot car:

In the  video, Canalis portrays the panic and pain that a dog feels when left in a car on a summer day even with the windows open a crack. As the car heats up, she experiences symptoms of heatstroke.

What are symptoms of heatstroke in dogs?

  • Heat stroke begins with heavy panting and difficulty breathing, the tongue & mucous membranes appear bright red
  • The saliva is thick and tenacious, and the dog often vomits
  • The rectal temperature rises to 104° to 110°F
  • The dog becomes progressively unsteady and can pass bloody diarrhea
    • As shocksets in, the lips and mucous membranes turn gray
    • At this point collapse, seizures, coma, and death rapidly ensue

What should you do if you see a dog locked in a car?

  • Note the car’s make, model, color and license plate number. If the car is in a business/store parking lot have the owners paged. If you have the ability- record/photograph the dog in the car on your camera or cell phone so it can be time-stamped.
  • Call local law enforcement and animal control immediately. If you see any signs that the dog is in distress call 911. 
  • Do not leave the scene until the owner and law enforcement/animal control officials have responded and the situation has been resolved.
  • If you note the dog is in distress, the owner/law enforcement are too slow in reacting and the dog’s life is in immediate danger: Grab at least one, if not a group of several witnesses who are prepared to give statements, photograph/record the dogs current condition, and safely remove the dog from the car into a cool building or area. Again, don’t leave the area until law enforcement has arrived.

I have experienced situations where I have had to call law enforcement to retrieve a dog out of a parked car. Luckily, all of the dogs were attended to in a timely matter and were taken inside to cool off.

Help spred the message to pet owners to leave pets at home:
ASPCA flier
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Image courtesy: My Dog is Cool
Video courtesy: PETA

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