Local Spotlight: Angel’s Paws

Local Spotlight: Angel’s Paws

Angel’s Paws is a one of a kind program that is complete end of life care for your pet and family, located in Cincinnati, Ohio and serves the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. You would think with the pet industry growing by leaps and bounds, someone, somewhere would have thought of this before 2010… but as founder and CEO, Tammy Wynn found out: this is an idea that will change the lives of pets and pet families forever.

Prior to starting Angel’s Paws Tammy was a pet parent, and like most had to try and deal with the loss of her kitty companion of 18 years, Cagney; anyone who has experienced the loss of a pet knows what a difficult and heartbreaking experience it can be.
Tammy also experienced another loss, at a separate time in life. Her father had been diagnosed with cancer and not long after had enrolled in hospice care; hospice care took Tammy and her family though her father’s end of life journey. The program took the hardest day of her life and made it manageable; through the care of nurses and counselors in hospice care, Tammy was able to grieve and deal with the death of her father and after a series of emotional and spiritual thoughts she came to an epiphany about starting a pet hospice. At the time she was sure something like that already existed and she felt her call to action was to volunteer and began her search for a pet hospice organization, after seeing bits and pieces of end of life care offered by different animal hospitals and veterinarians she quickly found that no such thing existed that provided complete end of life care for pets.
It took 6 years, Tammy walking away from her successful job as a consultant, working for hospice care, returning to school or her Veterinary Technician degree and becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician when she finally began creating a space in Cincinnati, Ohio to deliver this service to a much overlooked population.

Recently, I was able sit down with Tammy Wynn, MHA, LISW, RVT who is the CEO and Founder of Angel’s Paws to gain some insight into a service I had heard about, but never seen before.

When you enroll your pet in the Angel’s Paws program you may have a difficult time making the decision or coming to terms with your pet nearing the end of it’s life, however the support and confort of the team at Angel’s Paws will make every effort to take you on the journey and make everything as easy and comforting as possible for both your pet and you. Offering services such as animal hospice in your home, where the tech will come and do an in-home assessment and from there have a support team to guide you through the journey. As well as offering the in home care, you also can have the option of in-home euthanasia services saving you and your pet the stress of a car ride to the animal hospital, private cremations, funeral and memorial services with use of the chapel, and fenced in grass area for pets who attend the service at the Angel’s Paws facility in Blue Ash, one-on-one grief counseling, support groups and a children’s bereavement center.

Tammy and her team will always go the extra mile for you and your pet, making sure everything is taken care of to the last detail; dealing with loss is hard enough without all the extra things that come along with it. Angel’s Paws takes care of everything under one roof, taking you from pain to peace with your pet.

Please visit the Angel’s Paws website for additional and contact information.

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