Local Spotlight: SPCA Cincinnati Fur Ball

Local Spotlight: SPCA Cincinnati Fur Ball

This isn’t Cinderella’s ball: it’s better, because more than one life will be changed in one night.

The SPCA Cincinnati is holding their 10th Annual Fur Ball on April 28th 2012 at the Cintas Center (located on the campus of Xavier University) from 6pm to 12am. Mingle with the adorable adoptables, enjoy cocktails and a silent auction, dinner, Crowning of the four legged “Best in Show” with Cammy Dierking, Local 12 News Anchor, and live music to keep your tail wagging all night.

This event is one of the biggest fundraisers for the SPCA, which was one of the first organizations of it’s kind in Ohio. It was originally founded as the Animal and Human Humane Society, and over time two separate agencies evolved, leading to the creation of the Hamilton County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which was headquartered in downtown Cincinnati.  The headquarters moved to Colerain Avenue in Northside in the 1930s, and the current building was constructed in 1964.  Thanks to the generosity of the community, SPCA Cincinnati built the Sharonville Humane Center in 2008, and received Simmonds Farm as a donation in 2009.

Today, SPCA Cincinnati remains the very epitome of true service to the people and animals in the Cincinnati  community.  In 2010 alone, SPCA Cincinnati took in over 7,000 dogs and over 9,000 cats.  In addition to providing shelter and rehabilitation to these animals in need, SPCA Cincinnati collaborates with government, law enforcement, and social service organizations in its ongoing effort to encourage humane principles and foster the relationship between animals and people.
The SPCA Cincinnati is an animal shelter and humane society that continually strives to strengthen the human-animal bond and improve the welfare of animals by fostering the humane care and treatment of all animals through humane education and animal protection, they continue to improve the quality of life for companion animals of the Greater Cincinnati area.

Underlying the work at SPCA Cincinnati is the philosophy that how a community treats its animals is a reflection of how its members treat each other.  The staff and volunteers of SPCA Cincinnati strive to not only give the animals in their care the best in humane treatment, but to continuously offer and develop programs to support those who own and care for animals. In addition to being the official agency that oversees animal control in the Cincinnati area, SPCA Cincinnati offers many programs and services, including animal adoptions, animal cruelty investigations, spay/neuter and veterinary services, companion animal and wildlife rescue, dog licensing, foster care program, obedience training, and the area’s most extensive humane education program.  SPCA Cincinnati also works to introduce animals into the lives of people in our community, including those in hospitals, nursing homes, children’s homes, and schools, and works with victims of domestic violence to both provide shelter for their animals, and to help them rehabilitate.

The Fur Ball helps the SPCA continue their mission and support of companion animals throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, to sign up to attend this fur-tastic event visit the SPCA website or contact Lori Fenner at 513-489-7392 for additional information.

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