Louisville man arrested after police say he was involved in dog fighting

Louisville man arrested after police say he was involved in dog fighting

Authorities say they received a complaint against Darryl Broadus, a 53 year old Louisville, Kentucky resident. After investigating, found that he owned three dogs that were involved in dog fighting.

Broadus, 53, is facing eight chargessix counts of animal cruelty, one count of trafficking a controlled substance and one count of unlawfully dispensing a drug without a license.

Louisville Metro Animal Services conducted a search two weekends ago and seized at least 20 dogs- ten of which were puppies and some of which were badly injured. Police reported that one female dog had multiple open wounds, two of which went down to the muscle (she also had scarring from previous injuries) and two other dogs suffered injuries consistent with dog fighting.

During the investigation, police say they also found a substance believed to be cocaine, money and bullets.

Michael Hollins, a neighbor of Broadus said he has seen several pit bulls on the property in the past and that they were being bred to be sold. ”Every once in a while, the dogs would fight amongst themselves,” Hollins said. “I had never heard anything about him having any dog fights or anything like that.”

Broadus faces three counts of animal cruelty in the first degree and three counts of animal cruelty in the second degree.

  • Cruelty to animals in the first degree is a Class D felony according to the Kentucky revised code and a Class A Misdemeanor in the second degree
  • Trafficking a controlled substance is a Class A Misdemeanor 
  • Unlawful Distribution without a license is a Class A Misdemeanor for a first offense and a Class D Felony for a second offense.  


He will face a maximum of five years in prison for each Class D Felony charge  and a maximum of one year in county jail for each Class A Misdemeanor charge.

Image and quotes courtesy: WLKY

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