stepping up for animal rescues stepping up for animal rescues

The story of Lucky Dog Rescue has touched the hearts of thousands across world, and caused a public outcry for 1-800-Flowers to come through on their promise of food for the rescue as a result of their “There’s a new bunny in town” photo contest. (Read the full story here)

In the midst of the pet community demanding answers from 1-800-Flowers, and being ignored for the first 24 hours- there was a company who reached out to Lucky Dog Rescue via Facebook:

"I wanted to show Ashley and the internet community that not all ecommerce companies are run by accountants in a board room. Decisions like these are simple, you just act from the heart."-Alan Attal, Chief Operating Officer,

As soon as I saw the posting, I immediately reached out to Mr.Chewy via Facebook to get in touch with a representative from their company. When I got my response, I was not corresponding with a PR or customer service rep- I was in contact Alan Attal, Chief Operating Officer of

When I asked Alan how he had found out about about Lucky Dog’s story- he saw the story here on Blog Four Paws via Google Alerts on Monday and his thought was, you have to be kidding me.

After reading the post all Attal could do was shake his head. “1-800-Flowers could so easily have recognized and celebrated the amazing act of kindness Maria offered Lucky Dog Rescue and doubled the prize right from the start. They would have come away as major heroes…but instead, they dragged their feet and put both Maria and Ashley through hell and created a media nightmare.”

1-800-Flowers did indeed create a media nightmare: the story has been seen by 10,000+ people here on Blog Four Paws, and over 25,000 people on The petition on received over 500 signatures in 1 day, the story was submitted and featured on The Consumerist, and is still on the hot page with 90 comments on Reddit’s dog page.

When I asked him how they decided to donate the food, the answer was not one I expected at first: “It really wasn’t a hard decision to do something. Not only are we an online pet food retailer, we also work with close to 100 animal shelters and rescues, so this was very near and dear to our hearts. We know how hard these amazing people work at rescuing, adopting and caring for animals in need. It’s a very tough and under appreciated effort.” After receiving this answer and personally speaking with Attal, I discovered has a huge passion and heart for animal rescue.

MrChewy is a different sort of internet retailer: they are not owned by a giant corporation focused exclusively on the bottom line or venture backed for a quick build up and sale-they are a privately held U.S. company with a simple focus-satisfying customers.The company’s operations center around customer satisfaction, and they stand by that. “Call us at 3am and we’ll answer and not offshore either” said Attal.

The team works extremely hard to offer a huge selection over 120 brands of pet food (veterinary prescription diets are available), treats and supplies with great prices and fast shipping- which is free on orders over $49. also believes in giving back, they are a business supporter of Best Friends Animal Society and they also donate food and money through our Mr. Chewy to the Rescue Network. (If you are part of a no-kill shelter or rescue, please email for more information on joining the network.)

I wanted to do this post to highlight for donating to Lucky dog, but after learning more about the company- I want to applaud their work with animal rescues and to point out, not just to 1-800-Flowers, that you don’t mess with the Power of the paw.

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