Ohio animal shelter labeled “No Kill” has a full house with a line out the door

Ohio animal shelter labeled “No Kill” has a full house with a line out the door

Located in Georgetown, Ohio the Brown County Humane Society’s Animal Shelter has a full house with 31 of 32 kennels open in their facility. As a county operated animal control facility the shelter is obligated by law to remain open for surrendered and other nuisance dogs in order to retain their license.

Brown County Humane Society has labeled  themselves as a “no-kill” facility (I have some notes from Betsy Saul, Petfinder.com’s Co-Founder from her keynote at BlogPaws that I will be sharing at a later time regarding no-kill labeling.)

Many times no-kill labeled animal shelters do not receive a great deal of help from already stretched thin animal foster groups/networks due to overcrowding in other animal shelters and full foster homes.

BCHS has made a plea to local media outlet WCPO Cincinnati as a last effort to place dogs in foster or forever homes over the weekend in order to avoid euthanization of adoptable pets.

“Owners have been bringing in their pets unable to care for them and several puppies from unneutered, unsprayed dogs are coming in to the small shelter lately [and] because of that, she said that the shelter cannot keep up with their no-kill policy”-BCHS President Leslie Zureick.

If you have been seeking an adoptable pet or have been considering being a foster family, please look at the BCHS Petfinder page.
You can contact the Brown County Humane Society at (937) 378-2210 and they are located at 100 Veterans Blvd., Georgetown, Ohio  (in front of the the Veterans Home.)

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Image Courtesy: Brown County Humane Society Facebook 
Original Story/Quote Courtesy: WCPO Cincinnati 


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