So what is the SCOOP on dog food?

So what is the SCOOP on dog food?

So last week we reviewed our last brand the the SCOOP series, and with that we have covered 12 different brands from every tier of the dog food pyramid.

What’s the point of reviewing all of these dog food brands? Education. Many pet parents aren’t aware of the vital roles nutriton can play in their pets life, and how easily some problems can be fixed if they just took a closer look at what their dog is eating everyday.

The first three foods we looked at were Purina Dog Chow, Dad’s Trail Mix, and Pedigree. All of these foods are high in carbohydrates, fillers and are lower on the protein scale. While finances are a big deciding factor for many pet parents, you’ll notice that even just buying food from the next tier on the pyramid your dog will eat less because of the quality of the ingredients in the food.
The bottom line?  these foods are not recommended, due to the  first ingredients including: whole grain corn, poultry by-product meal, corn gluten meal, and meat and bone meal.

The following three foods were Authority Brand, Iams, and Purina Pro Plan. These foods are a great stepping stone into a better diet for your pet. Why? because all three of these foods have real meat listed as the first ingredient. These foods also offer many different formulas outside of chicken, which is a key culprit in canine food allergies according to the Merck Veterinary Manual.
The bottom line? These foods are a good choice if you’re deciding between these or a grocery store brand. Because all three brands of these foods still contain gluten, corn, and grains but are higher in protein.

The next three foods are aimed more for dogs with special diet needs, which are brands offering things such as only one protein source, or grain free. While there are many brands out there addressing the specific diet needs of pets, we looked at ones that are widely available, and they were Hill’s Science Diet, Nutro Natural Choice, and Eukanuba Naturals. These foods are going to be higher in cost than the previous three, but are going to offer much more to your pet nutritionally and again, your pet will need to eat less food.
The bottom line? These foods come highly recommended by pet professionals and are a great investment in your pets diet.

The final part of the series covered holistic dog foods. Many people have asked what exactly is holistic dog food.. and after contacting some pet professionals and searching for the exact definition.. I have discovered there is not one ‘correct’ definition. But after looking at the many different foods there are on the market, and many articles you can gather that you’re actually talking about a food that is made with good quality, easily digested and natural ingredients and has a positive effect on general wellbeing. The foods we looked at were Blue Buffalo, Nutro Ultra, and Wellness Brand.
The bottom line? All three foods bring many things to the table, and there really isn’t a ‘wrong’ pick here. It’s just picking the food that works best for your pet based on nutrition needs.
So, for the most part it’s all about finding a food that works best for your lifestyle and your pet. Consult with your veterinarian or pet nutrition specialist and you can find the best food for your pet!

Photo Courtesy: just_steph.

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