The Importance of Keeping Your Dog on a Leash

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog on a Leash

For most pet parents living in an urban or suburban setting this normally goes without saying. However, every now and then you’ll have a pet parent who doesn’t fully undersand the consequences of letting their dog run around the neighborhood. Not only is it in the best interest for you as a pet parent to keep your dog on a leash to remain friendly with your neighbors, it is also in the best interest for your pet’s general well-being.


Possible Issues:

  • Finding New Friends – Dogs are natural explorers, so even if you live out in a more rural setting, your dog could find some new not-so-wonderful pals. An example of this could be stumbling upon a family of skunks and returning home extra stinky!
  • Licking and Eating Things They Shouldn’t - How often have you had to tell your dog “don’t eat that” or seen them licking their paws? A lot, right? If you’re not around to monitor and tell them “no”, your pet could eat something that could make them sick or worse. This could be anything from wild animal droppings, to licking fertilizer off of their paws from tromping through your neighbors newly-fertilized lawn.
  • Good Fences Make Good Neighbors - …and if they’re not in a fence, a leash is a good second best. If you let your pet roam freely, you can surely expect to have some angry neighbors. Whether your pet destroys a prized flower, leaves a “present” in your neighbors lawn, or simply annoys the neighbors pets, the result will be the same — angry neighbors.
  • Stray? – Often when people see a dog running off lead, with no person in sight, they tend to think the dog is lost and will call the local animal control officer to come pick up the dog. Imagine seeing your dog hauled off by the local animal control officer simply because you weren’t paying attention to him / her.
  • Car + Dog = BAD - The worst thing that could happen is a driver doesn’t see your dog as they roam freely in the neighborhood. Even if your street isn’t that busy, it only takes one car and one poor timing to cause a tragedy no one ever wants to be a part of. Dogs can be severely injured or killed by the slightest of run-ins with a vehicle.

Even if your dog is under strong verbal command, it’s too easy for them to have “selective hearing” when running about off lead. Many times this can result in a scuffle with another dog, another person who does not introduce themselves to your dog properly, or even having a strong prey drive and going after a stray cat into a busy intersection.

Maintaining control of your dog and being a responsible pet owner helps to stomp out negativity in the community as a whole. Some breeds have developed poor reputations simply because a few had negligent owners. Do yourself, your neighbors, and your furry little a friend a favor and just keep them on a leash!

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