The overpopulation problem [Infographic]

The overpopulation problem [Infographic]

Going along with the post yesterday about spaying/neutering, this awesome infographic really helps put a lot of numbers in perspective.


Many people think “just one” litter won’t hurt, but as this shows in as little as 4 years a dog can have 324 offspring from “just one” litter of puppies. Cats can have an astounding 10,736 offspring from “just one” litter in 4 years.


Infographic putting the pet overpopulation numbers into perspective

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Working with a local non-profit spay neuter clinic just in my neighborhood to execute their Trap and Release of stray/feral cats, already in the two years I’ve lived here-there are no stray kittens as of this year.
So even the smallest action can have an impact, please find a local spay/neuter clinic near you to help control the pet population so we can see a day with no more homeless pets.

Image courtesy: Kiwi NZ

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