Wag.com follow up re: 1-800-Flowers dog food denial to animal rescue

Wag.com follow up re: 1-800-Flowers dog food denial to animal rescue

I have been personally reaching out to representatives from Wag.com- the company which 1-800-Flowers had said would be supplying the dog food for their “There’s a new bunny in town” photo contest winner.

Members of Reddit, Facebook and Twitter have been taking to emailing, tweeting and commenting to 1-800-Flowers after Ashley Owen Hill, founder of Lucky Dog Rescue posted her note describing her experiences with the company and it’s representatives regarding the outcome of the contest (read the full story here.)

I can tell you personally that Ashley’s story has been shared over 1500 times here on Blog Four Paws and been viewed by over 4,000 people as I am writing this, the Change.org petition has gathered 400+ signatures in under 24 hours.
I have finally heard back from a Wag.com representative via email:

Hey Lauren!

Thanks for reaching out to us tonight!  We’re working on getting to the bottom of the 1-800-FLOWERS, promotion, since so much has happened lately regarding this!  We’ve contacted Ashley and spoken with 1-800-FLOWERS about this, but unfortunately, we aren’t able to disclose the details of what’s being discussed with them at this time.  Don’t worry, though–as soon as we’re able, we will keep everyone in the loop–especially since their fans are the ones that helped Maria and Ashley to win the contest in the first place!

Have a great day!
Customer Care Team

There have been stories circulating via Facebook and Twitter that Wag.com is going to fulfill the promise of dog food to Lucky Dog Rescue, this however has not been confirmed. As I continue to correspond with representatives, I will most definitely keep the pet community posted.

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