Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and Pedigree split.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and Pedigree split.

In a surprising move last week the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has parted ways with their primary sponsor Pedigree. According to the New York Daily News “Trade reports say Westminster fired its TV sponsor of the past 24 years, Pedigree, because Pedigree’s ads encouraging adoption of shelter dogs were deemed too depressing for the Westminster TV audience.” 

So just like that after a 24 year partnership with Pedigree, Wesminster Kennel Club calls it quits over addressing the issue of  6-8 million dogs and cats every year ending up in animal shelters.

Many of Pedigree’s advertisements like the one below for the Pedigree Foundation feature dogs in animal shelters or pictured with their new families, encouraging people to adopt from local animal shelters as well as a call to action to donate and volunteer.

The real heartbreak here? According to Tails, Pet Media Group “The adoption ads Pedigree aired have tremendously helped adoption initiatives. In 2007, Pedigree received $500,000 in pledges after the graphic ads were shown over the course of the two-day show.”

As anyone who claims to love animals regardless a to whether it is a pure breed or mixed breed, saying ”it’s too sad to see dogs in shelters, let’s turn off the channel” doesn’t make the problem go away. If you watch the commercial or not, there are still the 6-8 million pets who get turned into rescues every year and 3-4 million of those are euthanized.

Pet Parents and animal lovers alike are standing behind Pedigree’s mission to help homeless dogs, and the brand has noticed a dramatic increase in engagement on their Facebook and Twitter pages since the split was announced.

Pedigree’s ads supporting are moving, positive, and targeted to people who just plain like dogs. Hint to Westminster: who watches dog shows?

Featured Photo Courtesy: Pawcurious (via the Pedigree Adoption Drive)
Shelter Dog Photo Courtesy: eng1ne

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