What all the bark is about!

What all the bark is about!

A huge woof to our new Facebook/BlogPaws friends! :-) I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone and seeing anyone who is attending BlogPaws 2012 this year!

We’re in the final days of our Gentle Leader giveaway from Premier Pet Products, and anyone who has already liked Blog Four Paws on Facebook, signed up for the newsletter, or followed @BlogFourPaws on Twitter can enter. The contest ends 4/22 so be sure to enter to win 1 of 10 Gentle Leader headcollars, your choice of size and color.

I also just received the first order of Blog Four Paws gear!  More designs are in the works and an online shop is also going to be set up in the future, if anyone is interested in ordering please email  lauren@blogfourpaws.com. I can currently get t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts in a variety of color choices, and would be happy to answer any pricing questions via email :-) (Picture features our charcoal gray hooded sweatshirt)

In upcoming news: I’ll be doing a posting about our friends, Nair & Bjorn and I am in the process of working with Kim on some pawsome goodies to giveaway to readers.

I also wanted to thank anyone who participated in the Angel’s Paws Tellin’ Ellen campaign, we will post updates on the result  as we find out. Angel’s Paws mission is one I stand behind 110%, not only as a pet parent but as a pet professional. Making the Angel’s Paws service available to pet parents everywhere is something I would love to see happen and feel privileged in any way to help achieve.

Happy Tailwaggin’ Tuesday everyone! <3+paws!

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  • http://www.glogirly.com/ Glogirly and Katie

    Glogirly is looking forward to meeting you!  I’ll be staying at home to snack on salmon.  But she promises to bring a Katie-on-a-Stick with her.  
    ; )  Katie

    • http://twitter.com/BlogFourPaws Lauren McGregor


      Padfoot and Tonks are going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa during our time at BlogPaws. It’s quite a drive from Cincinnati to Salt Lake, and they will have a much better time running around and being spoiled at the grandparents’ house. :-)  

  • http://istillwantmorepuppies.blogspot.com/ Pup Fan

    Cute shirts!

    • Steven

      great shirts