When it comes to Easter, leave the bunnies at the petting zoo.

When it comes to Easter, leave the bunnies at the petting zoo.

With Easter right around the corner, many people get the idea to give their children rabbits because they think they are cute, low maintenance and don’t live that long.

Other than being cute, these are some huge misconceptions about rabbits. I know I’ve stuck to mainly dog-related postings but when I read this article from NorthJersey.com it really stuck with me, from working in animal rescue from as far back as I can remember I have always taken a stand when it comes to animals as gifts because pets are a commitment, when the novelty and “new-ness” of them wear off you still have a living animal that’s relying on you for care.

Rabbits are animals that often have special dietary needs that can get costly, as well as special veterinary care because many veterinarians refer to rabbits as exotics and cannot be seen at just any veterinary clinic. They can also live (on average) 7-10 years and if the commitment and care of a rabbit is not something you feel as though you or the recipient can keep up with for that time rehoming a rabbit can also prove difficult as many animal rescues are not equipped to take in animals other than dogs and cats.

The long story short, animals are living creatures and pet ownership is not something to enter into on a whim or enter someone else into without careful research and consideration.


Photo Courtesy: Mostly Dans

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