Why some ‘Pet Parents’ are taking it personally.

Why some ‘Pet Parents’ are taking it personally.

Yesterday I read the homepage of BlogPaws, and I saw this headline” “Banished! words that we wish would go away”  and the first thing on the post was enough to knock me over..”According to this page on the Lake Superior State University 2012 list of Banished Words, pet parent needs to ‘go away.”

I immediately thought to myself “WHY?! what good reason could anyone have for hating this?” so I continued reading and apparently the nominator of ‘pet parent’ to the list had this to say: “Can a human being truly be a parent to a different species? Do pet ‘owners’ not love their pets as much pet ‘parents’ do? Are we equating pet ownership with slave holding? This cloyingly correct term is capable of raising my blood sugar.” ….I was, quite literally, found speechless.

Relating to my first posting, Four Things to consider before becoming a Pet Parent  I have never had to think twice about pets being part of the family, because to me they are. Many of us love, cherish and take care of our pets like we would if we had children or along with having children, and our pets play very crucial parts in our everyday life.
Also, it’s not that people who are Pet Parents look at the term “pet owner” in a bad way, and I myself don’t believe it is a negative term, and I still use it.
I just don’t feel that ownership fully describes my relationship I have with my pets, because (at least to me) it feels like so much more than ownership; I feel as though ownership more accurately  describes how I feel about my car.

So, fellow pet parents, pet owners, pet guardians…. whatever you would prefer to be called :) I don’t know about you but this is one pet parent who isn’t giving up the title anytime soon.


Photo Courtesy: Sam Cockman

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  • http://packwalking.wordpress.com/ Kristin


  • Spoiled Doxie

    Great post! I agree with you!

  • Chloe

    We completely agree with you! We are pet parents through and through! We don’t care if some individual doesn’t understand. Right now it’s time to let the kids out and head to bed! Thanks for adding to the conversation!

  • http://gooseinkorea.blogspot.com/ Lucy Goose… and her people

    found your blog on the GoPetFriendly blog hop ^^ I agree, but I also
    have to say that I prefer the term “dog guardian” or cat guardian or horse guardian, etc. To me, I
    may treat my pup like my baby… but she’ll never be human. They’ll
    always be places I want to take her and can’t (tho crying babies are
    allowed but my well mannered girl isn’t! :-P ) But “owner” to me implies a
    sort of possession, whereas “guardian” implies an overseer-er of care, a
    companion, and a lifelong responsible friend. Anyway great blog – I love your design and your posts : )

  • http://twitter.com/BlogFourPaws Lauren McGregor

    Thank you everyone, I am glad to see members of the pet community feeling the same way :)