Why the pet community wants Justice for Chance, the Cincinnati Dog

Why the pet community wants Justice for Chance, the Cincinnati Dog

The following is a re-written form of my letters to Cincinnati city officials, and Ohio representatives. I am sharing it with you today so that you may come to understand and share with others why members of the pet community are seeking Justice for Chance.

Please feel free to use any part of the statement below, or any other information on BlogFourPaws.com when you are writing your letters and e-mails.


Today, I am coming to you as a pet parent in asking that you help us hold Cincinnati District 4 police responsible for their actions against Chance, the stray pit bull mix they allowed to die tied to a pole outside their station on one of the hottest days Cincinnati has seen in quite some time after a Good Samaritan found the dog running loose on the streets.

I am aware that officers stated to the media that bringing Chance inside could pose a threat to citizens; however, he was friendly enough to approach a stranger and allowed that stranger to walk him on his leash to the station.

As a pet parent, if my dog would find himself or herself lost and someone was kind enough to take him or her to safety I would hope that law enforcement would not leave my loved companion and family member outside in unbearable conditions.

On Monday, July 9th it was reported that the Hamilton County Prosecutor would not press criminal charges in the incident involving Chance because there was ‘no criminal intent’ involved in this case. Cincinnati Police have reported that they launched an internal investigation that is not complete at this time.

When Cincinnati police accepted responsibility for Chance and they agreed to call the SPCA; they agreed to contain a companion animal and knowingly left him without access to shelter from the heat and sunlight, and did not supply him with sufficient quantities of water while he was in their care which is a violation of Ohio Revised Code 959.131.

Chance was a victim of animal cruelty from police who must be held responsible for what they have done. Holding Cincinnati District 4 police responsible for their actions regarding Chance will show that the city of Cincinnati stands behind all of it’s citizens- even those with four paws, because for every cruelty case that is ignored makes it harder and harder to prosecute future offenders.

WLWT Channel 5- Cincinnati originally broke this story, and it has also been shared on multiple media platforms including, but not limited to: CNN, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, SumbleUpon, Yahoo! News, etc. I have also shared the story of Chance on Blog Four Paws and TheDogFiles.com, it has now been seen and shared by thousands of people across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom who have had their hearts broken by the way Chance’s situation was handled.

As Chance’s story continues to be seen and shared, it deeply saddens everyone who hears about poor Chance and how he suffered due to people’s lack of common sense and decency, and we want to show the world that if you are cruel to animals you will have to pay the price.

I am greatly looking forward to working and corresponding with you and other members of the pet community regarding this matter, and hope you will help us find Justice for Chance.


This list contains the email addresses for city and state officials who have the power to help us find Justice for Chance, mailing addresses can be found here.

Cincinnati District 4 police Captain Eliot Isaac
Cincinnati Chief of Police James E. Craig
Cincinnati City Council Members:

Wendell Young
Charlie Winburn
Christopher Smitherman
P.G. Sittenfeld
Yvette Simpson
Chris Seelbach
Laure Quinlivan
President Pro Tem,  Cecil Thomas
Vice Mayor, Roxanne Qualls

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory
Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown
and Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot


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  • Kayakfreedom

    Our local police station has a dog run behind it. When strays are found there is a safe clean place for them to go. They have a large water bucket, dog house, and food on a clean concrete floor with a metal roof over it. The police station should apologize and build a kennel somewhere on their property for future use.