At the age of five my parents brought home my first dog, and from there I knew I was completely hooked.

A few years later, my mother went to work for the county animal shelter. With that, I also began spending a lot of my time there. In fact, while most kids had baseball, dance and band practice after school; I was volunteering at the shelter 3 days a week.

After I graduated from high school, I began working for PetSmart as and soon became an Academy Trained Dog Groomer. This opportunity provided me with countless opportunities to expand my knowledge of dog breeds, pet products…basically, anything to do with dogs in general.

After almost three years of working with PetSmart, my career goals and life events led me in another direction which prompted my exit of the company. However, the passion inside me continues on. Blog Four Paws was born as a way for me to still work alongside Pet Parents and Pet Lovers, to share what knowledge I have, as well as connect, and learn with them. I also do some contributing to The Dog DailyYahoo’s Shine network, and other online media platforms.

Looking for a pet specialist contributor? A fan of Blog Four Paws? I’d love to hear from you! lauren@blogfourpaws.com

Our Family

My fiancee and I are first-time home owners and from minute one we knew we needed the pitter patter of four paws in our home. After months of searching for the perfect dog, a December 2010 visit to PetSmart to visit some friends prompted the finding of our little Spaniel Mix, Padfoot.

It wasn’t too long after Padfoot settled in that we knew he couldn’t stay an only child for too long. So again, we began the search for his new brother or sister. After many meet and greets, and a few let-downs, an amazing opportunity in August 2011 arose and we adopted our Great Dane, Nymphadora Tonks.

Random Stuff

Favorite Food: It’s a tie between my mother’s Kentucky Hot Brown and Mac and Cheese
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter (the series), all the Disney classics, Iron Man.
Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Delirium (trilogy), The Hunger Games (trilogy), Before I Fall…. I like to read. :-)
Favorite Activity: Travelling.
Favorite TV Show: Glee, Pan Am and How I Met Your Mother.
Favorite Song: I like entirely too much music to have a favorite.. but my favorite artist would be Billy Joel.

P.S. I’m a total Harry Potter nut if you couldn’t tell from the dog names, favorite movie, and favorite book.